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Measure Q

Measure Q Overview

On November 8, 2016 voters of the Huntington Beach City School District passed the Measure Q Bond to support the facilities needs of our community’s schools. Proposition 39 allows the District to sell $159,850,000 through a series of four bond sales over the next 12 years. Facilities improvements will be implemented in phases in accordance with the district-wide priorities established through a facility needs assessment process.

Facilities improvements concentrate largely on renovating and converting space at the District’s existing campuses into 21st Century learning environments, as well as health, code, safety and accessibility upgrades. HBCSD is a champion of 21st Century learning and teaching methodologies, and is investing a significant portion of monies to upgrading school facilities in alignment with these principles and the ultimate goal of student success.

As a result of Measure Q’s passage, the HBCSD Board of Education established an independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC). In accordance with Education Code Section 15278(b), the Measure Q Bond Citizens’ Oversight Committee shall inform the public concerning the expenditure of Measure Q bond revenues.

Ballot Language

“To construct science, technology, engineering, and mathematics labs, repair or replace leaky roofs, renovate deteriorating plumbing/sewer systems, upgrade inadequate electrical systems, construct, renovate, modernize, equip classrooms, restrooms and other school facilities and to improve the quality of education at local schools; shall Huntington Beach City School District issue $159,850,000 of bonds at legal rates, with annual audits, and have an independent citizens’ oversight committee with no money for administrative salaries or taken by the state”

Progress Updates

Updates on the Measure Q Bond Program are provided by bond program manager, Studio W Architects, at the monthly meetings of the Board of Trustees. Review the latest board presentations HERE.

Measure Q Bond Program

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