Conversations continued last night regarding the future of Sowers Middle School and the best use of funds remaining in the Measure Q bond program. With a balance of roughly $19 million that has yet to be dedicated to specific projects, the Board of Trustees, district leadership and the public gathered virtually at a Board Study Session to weigh in on the options:

  • Option 1: Modernize Sowers Middle School
  • Option 2: Reconstruct Sowers Middle School with permanent, modular or portable buildings
  • Option 3: Relocate Sowers Middle School to the site of Huntington Christian School
  • Option 4: Convert Peterson Elementary School to a K-8 Campus (and close Sowers Middle School)
  • Option 5: Convert Peterson Elementary School to a Middle School Campus (and close Sowers Middle School)

Sowers Middle School is the only site in the District that has yet to be modernized or improved, making it the focus of the final funds of Measure Q. The campus’ gymnasium and STEM lab project has been designed and agency approved but was put on hold while leadership decided on the school’s future. The Board recognizes the emotional connection their families possess with Sowers Middle School and want to retain that sentiment. The meeting concluded with direction to move forward on further analyzing the viability and costs associated with options 1 (modernization) and 2A (new construction – modular).

Updates were also provided on the remaining Series B/ Phase 2 projects as well as Series C/ Phase 3 projects that are underway at Eader Elementary School, Peterson Elementary School, the new maintenance and operations facility and the district central kitchen (which is not bond funded).

View the full presentation here: Measure Q Board Study Session Presentation – Mar. 16, 2021

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